Backup & Restore

An important feature of GymACE is the ability to backup your database so you don't have to worry about losing all record of your hard work. On Android phones, the database is backed up on Google Drive, on Windows Phones Microsoft's OneDrive is used.

In order to use the backup feature, first connect to Google Drive, or OneDrive respectively, using your own credentials. Once a connection is established, GymACE will restore the connection automatically each time you open the database screen. Just tap the backup button and it will upload the database to the cloud.

When you backup, GymACE will automatically chose a file name based on the current date and time. That means, if you backup often (which you should), you will end up with a lot of backup files in your cloud folder. Because the file sizes are not very big, this shouldn't be any problem. However if it bothers you, you can automatically delete all but the latest backup file by selecting "Delete old backup files"

To restore a database, first select the date and time of the backup file from the list, and than tap the Restore button. Keep in mind that restoring a database will completely overwrite the database which is currently in use.


The Export feature allows you to export all your sets data as a comma separated value (.csv) file, which can be imported into any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. It will create separate files for strength exercises and cardio exercises, which you will find in the "GymACE" folder in the cloud.

You can also export and import a database file to/from a local folder of the mobile device. Use this feature as another way of backing up your data without using a cloud service, or to transfer you data from one platform to another, e.g. from Windows Phone to Android.


If you think your database is getting to big and want to get rid of old sets data, you can do so in the Purge tab. It will also give you information about how many sets and sessions are currently stored in the database.

Just select a date, and all data before that date will be vanished. By default the first date of existing data is selected, which means it would not delete anything if you don't change it.