Step 1: Browse Your Exercises

The first thing you want to do when you start with GymACE is to browse your exercises. Tapping the info 'i' button will show you the exercise description and additional information. GymACE comes with a lot of exercises pre-installed but you may be missing some specific exercises that you need. Fortunately, adding your own exercises is easy. Switch to the Exercises tab and hit the '+' button. Exercises are basically a name, a note, and a type (strength or cardio); for cardio you can enter up to three field names to track. You will also want to select a category for that exercise. A category can be a body part, a location, a workout style, or anything that would be a useful way for you to organize your exercises. Hit 'Save' and you have created your exercise. Go ahead and make some more.

Step 2: Create Your Workouts

Now that you have your exercises, you can use them to build your workouts as part of your training plan. Switch to the Workouts tab and hit the '+' button. Choose a name and an optional note, then hit 'Save'. The created workout is still empty, so hit 'Select Exercises' where you can select the exercises you would like to be in your workout. All the search und browse features are available to help you find the exercises you want. Once you have selected some exercises, go back to the workout, where you can then change the order of the exercises. Hit the 'Sort' button and drag the exercises to its designated positions.

Step 3: Hit the Gym

From the Workouts tab, select your workout and you will get the list of exercises in that workout. You can change these exercises by hitting the 'Select' button or change their order by hitting 'Sort' at any time. Select the exercise you would like to start with and you are given the training screen. You can move to the other exercises in the workout by tapping the white arrows at the bottom or just by sliding the screen one way or the other. If you have entered a note for that exercise, it appears at the top, so the exercise's note is a good place to store exercise specific information such as seat height, rest duration, reminders, etc. Touch an input field to bring up the keyboard and enter a value. Touch another input field to enter a value for it. You can give the set a note by touching the note field in case you want to remember you had a spotter helping, or used a different machine, etc. Or, for example if some of the bench press bars weigh less than others, you can track that. To enter your set, hit the circle with the checkmark. The set now appears in the list below the input box. To edit the set, just select it. You can change any of the values, the time, the date, and also add or change the note there. Now just repeat or slide to the next exercise.

Step 4: View Your Results

The great thing with GymACE is, you do not need to switch back and forth to view previous exercise results. They are just there, at first sight. The list below the input fields contains all sets of an exercise you have performed since you started lifting with GymACE. To see a summary of the current session, tap the colored date title above the current sets. You can also switch to the History tab where you get a list of all sessions you have done so far. Hit the 'Calendar' button to get a monthly view of all sessions.