Basically, workouts are just a collection of unique exercises, which of course may belong to multiple workouts. With workouts, you define your training plan. If for example you are following a split training schedule of 3 days, you define a workout for each training day.


Adding a Workout

Adding a workout is much like adding an exercise. From the Workouts tab, hit the '+' button. Enter a name and optionally a note. To choose the exercises for a workout, touch 'Select Exercises' (the dumbbell icon) - which brings you to the list of exercises that can be toggled on or off. Don't care about the order at this stage. When you have selected all the exercises you want, hit the back button and your exercises are displayed in a still unordered list. Touch the 'Arrange' button (the up/down arrows), and move the exercises to its correct positions by drag and drop.

Deleting a workout

You can delete workouts either from the workout list by touch and hold and select 'Delete' from the popup menu, or go to the 'Edit' screen and hit the delete icon. Deleting a workout won't delete the contained exercises nor the recorded sets. However any sets that were entered under that workout will be unassigned from the workout, which cannot be undone.

Removing an exercise

In the exercises list from the workout screen, you can touch and hold and select 'Remove exercise' from the popup menu. Or, hit 'Select exercises' and uncheck the exercises you want to remove. Sets already entered will still be assigned to the workout, even after removing the exercise.

Executing a Workout

Select the exercise you would like to start with and you are given the training screen. In the training screen, you can switch to the next or previous exercise just by swiping left or right, or by hitting the arrows.

However, from the training screen you can also always go back to the workout page, where you see the progress of the current workout at a glance. Each exercise you have already executed in this session is colored.

For example, say you are at the gym performing a workout and a particular exercise machine you like to use is being hogged by some guy doing 10 sets of 50 reps with 10 pounds and 3 minutes of rest between sets. So you need to use a different machine. This is no problem with GymACE, where you can simply select another exercise from that workout. Or from another workout. Or an exercise which is not contained in any workout at all. By going back to the workout page, you can always see which exercises still need to be done. You are finished when all exercises are colored. But GymACE won't tell you that you are finished: Your are free to quit at any time, and you can do additional exercises if you feel like it.